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Rover Round Tables

Round Tables are meetings held between Rover crews. Generally, each crew should have at least one member at a Round Table meeting, as information is given, and brought back to the crew. Round Tables can be an evening meeting, or a weekend event. Generally, a weekend Round Table is held when people must travel a distance to attend. Round Tables have an executive similar to that of a crew; a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. The positions can be combined, and persons holding these positions should be from different crews to ensure even representation.

The purpose of a Rover Round Table is to provide Rovers with a place for expression of their ideas to the local Scout council. Through the Rover Round Table, Rovers have a say in decisions that may directly affect them. Rover Round Tables are designed so that Rovers are able to share ideas and experiences and to develop program activities for themselves.

A Round Table, once formed, should spend some time in writing a set of by-laws showing its purpose, representation and terms of office. To help achieve this, the local Scout council may be prepared to extend them some form of support.

Rover Round Tables should be sensitive to the fact that crews may still wish to do their own thing.  The purpose of the Rover Round Table should not be to control all crews in a given area, but to stimulate the feeling of brotherhood.