236 Toronto Photography Club

Photography Club outtings

The 236th Photography Group

The leadership team of the 236th Scout group is always looking for ways to make the youths scouting life an exiting fun filled way to grow and learn. Through mentorship the youth learn many skills and have the opportunity to mentor others as their own skill level grows in the many activities we offer them. The 236th Photography Group is just one of the many exciting activities we wish to offer the youth. Through the photography group we offer the youth another chance to learn and grow friendships with the others in the group. They will experience first hand new places to explore, both within our city, and out in the wilds.  In the beginning they will learn how to compose a great picture. How to capture a moment in time just as they had seen it, so others can see what inspired them to take that shot. Great photographers vary as much as the weather but they share a common ground, RESPECT. They have a respect for the environment, for others privacy, for their work, for their photographic equipment, the list is far to long but it starts very early on and it not only grows throughout their lives but it spills into others areas of their existence. We believe that this is a good thing.

We will begin with one photo shoot per month. At first we will make the shoots accessible by TTC. The 236th Photography group is just starting out and we would like every member to feel a part of it. So we will be listening to input from the members as to what form the future shoots will take.  Whatever that may be they will be funtastic, growth filled adventures. So whether you’ve always been a photography nut, or you’ve always wanted to try it, come along with us. You’ll have the time of your life and have the pictures to prove it.