Hi everyone
Let me welcome you to this new section of our website. My hope for this page is three fold.

The first is I wanted you to have access to the songs we love to sing together. The second is for you and the members of the band to have a chance to practice the singing and the playing of these songs. As you listen to the music the third reason will become clear. All of the songs have a percussion section included in the tunes. This adds a new feel to the songs. When we start up again and we will, I will be looking for some of you to join the band as percussionists. So as you listen to the music count the beats along with the music. Most of them are four four time. Which means you will be counting one, two, three, four, as the song plays.

Once you can do that then pick a drum and see which beat it is played on. It should be the same beat all the way through the song. Listen to the background vocal harmonies. See if you can sing that part with the music. If you would like to become a background harmony singer then you should come out to band practice once we start up again.

Now if you decide you would like to become a percussionist for the band I have some good news for you. You will be controlling the speed and feel of the songs you play. Wow power trip. Let me say it again. You will control the speed and feel of the song. Woo gives me chills. Power woo.

Did I say my reasons for doing this page is four fold? I can’t remember. Anyway the fourth reason is for you to have fun with the music. Sing along with it, play along with it, tap along with it, and have FUN. That is what music is for. I will also post the words for the music so get the whole family singing with you and have FUN!!!.


Scouter Jim Sloan.