Canadian Jamboree 2017

Camp Nedooae, Nova Scotia

Registration for CJ’17 at Camp Nedooae, Nova Scotia – IS NOW OPEN!!!!


History of 236 Scouts attending Jamborees from 1985


1985Canadian Jamboree held in Guelph, Ontario  – transport by automobile
1989Canadian Jamboree held in PEI –  transport by automobile
1993US National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill, Virginia, included side trip to Washington DC, visit to White House and a number of tours, including sleep over at US air force base, sleepover at US Navy Base, visit to Virginia Beach and sleep over at US Coast Guard base. Transport by automobile
1997Canadian Jamboree held in Thunder Bay, Ontario with sleep overs in Sudbury and Thunder Bay before and after the Jamboree, including visit to Sarnia Science Centre. Transport by automobile
2007Canadian Jamboree held in Montreal, included sleep over inside walled Quebec City and Ottawa, tour of parliament building. Transport by automobile
2013Canadian Jamboree held in Sylvan Lake Alberta, including visit to Banff, Ontario and tour of Royal Tyrrell Museum, a Dinosaur museum. Transport by air and rental vehicles
Which brings us to today…


If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime, look no further than the Canadian Jamboree 2017 –  Happening next summer — July 8–15, 2017 — CJ’17 is going to be one fun-filled week of adventure, challenge and friendship — and you can now register as a Participant. We would depart Toronto by automobile on Thursday July 6 and return on Sunday July 16, 2017.


Taking place at Camp Nedooae, Nova Scotia, CJ’17 is loaded with adventure-filled programming that includes exciting land and water activities, STEM challenges, off-site programs and unscheduled adventures. There is something for everyone!


The 236 Scouting Group will be registering as a group for the Jamboree.  Youth who will be 11 years old by Aug. 2017 may attend.  There are exceptions, if a scout turns 15 during the scout year season Sept 2016 Aug 17, they can attend the Jamboree as a scout as long as they are still registered as a scout likewise Cubs who turn 11 in July or August, 2017, can participate as a scout if we move them online to scouts by mid June 2017.


If we estimate costs as $ 525.00 for early registration, additional funds for food at camp, transport by scouters vehicles, cost of fuel, meals before and after the camp, side trips, we can estimate total cost about $ 1000.00 per youth to 1400.00 per youth.  Our group will subsidize the Jamboree as we normally do.  I would suggest that parents plan on maximum payout for Jamboree and extras of $ 700.00 and the balance will be paid by the group.


Please send in confirmation of interest to participate with a deposit of $250.00 to register.
Once we know who will be attending, we can make up units (patrols) with scouters from the 236th scouting group.


REGISTER NOW! – CJ17 Registration Form


Booking of activities for the jamboree is based on first booked, first choice, which is why we would like to promote early registration.
For each group from 5 to 8 youth, we would have between 2 and 3 scouters and form a Unit.   Our last Jamboree, in 2013, we sent 2 units


– Scouter Bob Taylor (Skip)